January 28, 2020

MOTH's Masterpiece


Slowly but surely, but mostly slowly, the construction of the basement room continues.
Man of the House hooked up all the lights, 8 of them.


The ceiling painted and lights put in. Probably the most exciting part of this room is this bright light (well, plus the natural light from the french door). It's as bright as a sunny day and it's dimmable!


MOTH really wanted to try the fake brick wall over one of the walls. Kind of ironic considering the exterior of our house is all brick and we are putting in a fake brick wall inside.


MOTH spackling.


Dried spackled fake brick wall.


I painted the base boards and the crown molding. So much easier when it's not on the wall.


Dog nesting on the insulation. She shredded the fiberglass by "digging" the insulation.


MOTH's masterpiece completed. To finish off and seal the spackle, he painted watered-down white paint over the entire fake brick wall. I really like this sort of back alley look.

January 21, 2020



Dog has approved the new cushion.


The night time temperature dropped to 17F and I had to bring my daffodil pots inside. Yep, I'm wearing my long johns.


Living in the boonies, I literally encounter wild deer every day on a dog walk. Our backyard is also a part of their daily walking route so they pass by pretty much every morning and evening. I was able to take a picture of a family of 9 today.

January 18, 2020



We had this cushion (2 burgundy and 1 mustard color) for about 10 years now and I decided to make a new cover. The new ones are tri-color!

The original cushion dissected.

I reused the piping for the new one.

New cushion cover fabric. It's like a velvety fabric and the circles are sewn with an elastic thread in the bobbin creating this bubbly texture. The thing is, the tightness of the circles are not quite the same so the fabric was slightly torqued. I steamed it a bit in an attempt to square it out but it just got shrunk more.

New piping.

When I cut the fabric by counting the "bubble" and sewed the 2 pieces together matching the bubbles, because of the torque in the fabric, the cushion ended up all wonky. So I had to unpick everything and re-cut the fabric and sewed them together without matching the bubble.

I added a concealed zip so that (1) I don't have to hand-stitch it, and (2) so that the cover can be taken off easily for a quick wash.

The combination of the textured fabric, piping, and the concealed zip made a simple project very complicated. It took me 3 weeks to finish 3 cushion covers.

January 12, 2020

Basement Update


Our basement construction continues. After a few rounds of mud touch-ups and sanding, the ceiling and the walls are painted. We had a couple of cans of old paint that the previous owner left with the house so we used them for the base coat.

The closet doors are hung. Luckily, the previous owner (who custom-made the house in the early 2000s) had already bought the the closet doors and baseboards and left them with the house so we are using those.

We are planning to put a faux brick wall on one of the walls.

So this is as far as it got, then MOTH's father went back home, so now it's me and MOTH to do the rest of the work. Which means more painting on the weekends. Yey.

January 4, 2020

Construction Continues


The construction for the basement continues.
The insulation is in.

The ceiling is up.

Walls are up...

and mudded.

December 31, 2019

Building My New Room


"Before" photo taken by the realtor with a wide lens prior to our purchase of this house.
The Man of the House and his father have been working on finishing our basement. This is my office-to-be.

The wall frame is up.

Beams and joists are up. This is a walkout basement so I get a french door to the backyard.

My current office is next to this room, towards the front of the house, which is more of a true "basement" and there is only a very small window so it's very dark (hence the blurry sewing pictures). My new room will have 11 recess lights!

December 24, 2019

Jalie 2212 Kid's Half Zip Pullover


I made yet again Jalie 2212 half zip pullover. I made it for the Man of the House last month, but this time, it's for a 5-year-old. This is actually the first time I benefited from Jalie's wide range of sizes. This time, I cut a size J.

The fabric is a Paw Patrol print fleece. Since "Rubble" the bulldog was so big, I pieced the center front and side front together, and center back and side back together to make a nice big panel to feature Rubble. I also pieced together the lower sleeve and top sleeve piece together. I was not careful enough to arrange the sleeve piece so the exact same Rubble featured on the center front also appears next to the zipper, half chopped. Oh well.

I think I am getting better at the zipper application.

I fudged the grain line a bit so that I can have the "Rubble" goes across the back neck. I mean, it's fleece, the grain line doesn't exist, does it?!

And of course the second it hit the floor, Dog nested on it.

December 23, 2019

Swoon Belle Baby Bag with Alice


I made my second Belle Baby Bag from Swoon with Alice in Wonderland fabric design from Rifle Paper Co. (Cotton + Steel fabric). 

The fabric is cotton/linen blend canvas with a bit of metallic gold paint. It feels soooo nice and it's soooo cute (and also soooo pricey and sooo narrow). However, the scale of the print was way bigger than I expected. Alice, especially, was way too long and I almost changed my mind making it into this bag. Because of the large motifs, I had to fussy cut a lot. It was painful to leave so much scrap. I had my first version on the cutting table for comparison so that I could picture the print placement better.

I ended up adding a seam for the exterior pocket so that there would be one Alice centered in one pocket and also other motifs featured in the other side without getting anybody's face chopped off. The seam is positioned at the inner fold of the pleats so nobody will see it.

I used the oxford poly canvas for the lining again, and used light blue marine vinyl for the accent. Since Soft & Stable made my previous version too bulky, I opted for fusible fleece this time for the main panels. Foam piping core keeps the bag's shape pretty well.

 I added a small rivet for the interior slip pocket divider this time.

Since the 10 mm purse feet were too small on the blue skull version, I chose 12 mm this time. Still small but that's what I had.

I followed the instruction for the centered zipper this time, but I tucked in the lining fabric away from the zipper teeth for the interior.


The key lanyard in the side pocket.

After I attached the bottom panel, I realized that I forgot to attach the D-ring connector in the side panel. I had already trimmed the seam allowance and burned the edges of my lining fabric (to keep it from fraying) so I had to unpick a small section of the side panel and inserted the connector. I sort of forced it shut and topstitched it down. The seams are horrendous there but hopefully non-sewer would not pay attention to a side panel...

I tried out the "stroller clips" in the closet.

I looove this fabric. I have enough fabric to make another bag (I got lucky end-of-the-bolt extra few inches) but I have to think really carefully what to make with it. Something that has large enough flat space to showcase the print. Hmmm.